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What is a Brand Awareness Blueprint?

The Brand Awareness Blueprint is a custom strategy that optimises your budget for best results, but what is “brand awareness” exactly? It’s finding ways to get people to recognise your brand exists! It’s information like; People need to see or hear an ad a minimum of three times for it to sink in. It’s knowing agencies that will plan and place your media for FREE! It’s knowing how to effectively communicate with people what it is your brand “stands” for. This doesn’t come without years of research and practice through implementation.

So why trust The Creative Nebula with your budget? We have spent years connecting our selves with trusted companies and people, that work with us to effectively deliver your message, however, you also are under no obligation to use our connections. You are purchasing the strategy, so you can use whomever you like to implement your strategy. You will not get a pushy salesman forcing you into using our services.

So if you want a strategy that will help you achieve your desired goals, get in touch. You have nothing to lose, and it costs nothing to talk.

We’re Here To Assist You With Your Business Goals!

Welcome to Nebula Advertising |

Appointing a media focussed advertising agency is easy. But choosing the one that’s the right fit for your company and your team takes a lot more consideration.

It’s easy to spend money, and waste it.  You know that advertising is expensive but there is no guarantee of success. To mitigate this risk you may want to consider a blend of experience, sound judgement and up to date knowledge. Nebula Agency’s principal brings these qualities to your team from almost 40 years of advertising and marketing communications expertise gained by working closely with international and local advertisers, including British Airways, Credit Suisse Private Banking, Debt Cutter, ENZED, Freedom Kitchens, Goodyear Auto Service Centres, Marine Tuft Carpets, Opera Queensland, Penrith Panthers, Praestegaard Australia, Queensland Theatre, Rosalie Milton Clinic, Sizzler Restaurants, Supercheap Auto, Specialist Underwriting Agency, Toyota Australia, Trilogy Funds, Valvoline Australia, Vetalogica Pet Foods and Weir Minerals Multi-flo. This experience of both brand building and retail focus means we can overlay the sound judgement needed for the optimal management of your valuable adverting budget, whatever your product or service is.

Nebula Agency can assist with logo design, corporate branding, brochure design and printing, packaging design and printing as well as advertising design for all forms of media (TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, outdoor, online/digital). With media planning & buying, we retain access to credit accounts with all the main media across Australia and NZ. This means we can offer you 30 day terms for any of your advertising and media expenditure.

Television Advertising

Contrary to popular belief, television is still the most effective form of mass communication. Even with TV streaming services available and the likes of Foxtel, Free TV is still the most watched form of television. Nebula being a full service agency, has access to user data, and use it to create highly targeted, effective and visually appealing TV campaigns. We can handle everything from storyboards, to filming, to ad placement.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor refers to billboards you see around the streets and on buildings. With both digital and static options available the opportunities are endless. Digital billboards are great to catch your attention as there are usually 3 or more ads on the one billboard. As each ad transitions your brain notices the movement and recognises the ad. The advantage to the static billboard, is it is just your ad! You get more exposure from a static billboard then you do from a digital billboard. Nebula can locate the perfect position for your ad, produce it, and place it.

Print Advertising

Print refers to magazines and newspapers. Magazines and newspapers are still an incredibly effective way to target specific demographics. The reader base for this media platform, tends to be very loyal, so by repetitively advertising, you can achieve great results. Print media also has a very large range of advertising sizes, so you have flexibility when it comes to your artwork. Nebula can produce and place ads all around Australia, in virtually any publication you can think of. If you would like to know more about readership of specific magazines or newspapers, just give us a call.

Digital Advertising

Digital is fast becoming the most sought after platform. It is quite cheap and when done correctly can be used to highly target specific demographics. Digital advertising is anything you see online; ads before Youtube videos, banner ads, ads on your newsfeed. Large companies are using digital advertising a lot at the moment, as it allows them to get very large amounts of exposure for a minimal fee. They can also simultaneously run their television advertising campaigns, with their digital campaigns.